Jaswinder Singh Bains known universally as Jazzy B and ‘The Crown Prince of Bhangra’, has had an incredible career to date and is one of the few genuine Punjabi singers to have conquered the world. Whilst his debut in 1993 with “Ghugian Da Jorra” a reminder of one of the key moments of musical collision in UK Bhangra history, Jazzy B’s bespoke persona, trendsetting hair styles and raw Punjabi approach, still strikes a balance between the folk music of the greats like Ustaad Kuldip Manak to the contemporary thrills of a modern-day Punjabi party track. His classic songs include “Londono Patola”, “Soorma”, “Naag” and “Dil Luteya” remain evergreen and essential, with his brand-new renditions with a folk slant, an opportunity for his legion of followers to enjoy and savour. “Every song and video give me a new energy to go again and represent Punjabi music on another level. This is just the start, I’m always looking forward to the next project, the new song, the next show.”

The new album, “Born Ready”, leans heavily on the signature sound of Dr Zeus and the authentic traditional style Jazzy B has created and championed. Zeus’ music come across as carefully plotted-out compositions with an edgy twist backed up by hypnotic lyrics and vocals to reveal a wealth of melodic detail. “The concept to this album is about keeping things desi but with the signature Dr Zeus vibe. We worked together on ideas in the studio, with the writers and the style of each song and I asked Zeus to explore all his influences over the years and add my personality to each track. I didn’t force anything, I just came into the studio and done my thing and the Dr has added his magic!”

‘Born Ready’ is an 11-track listening experience quite a bit more than what you might have become accustomed too! It’s a genre-spanning inspirational record, crafted synthesized beats, with an unmistakably Punjabi flow that honours the great musical traditions yet incorporates bold experimentation to move those traditions forward. Sit back, chill, and turn up the volume!

Words by Jatender S. Heer