Also known as the Crowned Prince of Bhangra Born in Punjab and raised in Canada – a transatlantic superstar who has introduced a fresh new image to the world of Bhangra music. Since the debut album Gugian da Jorra in 1993, Jaswinder Singh Bains, aka Jazzy B, has become one of the most important names in the Punjabi music world of modern times.

The man has acquired the tags of – the Original Folksta ,the Canadian Sensation and the Crown Prince of Bhangra as he continues his revival of Bhangra in a big way together with wooing audiences across the globe. With releases of massive hit albums such as Oh Kedi , Tera Roop and more just goes to show this megastar packs an enormous tidal wave of a punch.

Born in Punjab India, raised in Vancouver Canada he now flirts and and lives a jet set lifestyle between those countries and many more whilst keeping his base in the heart of Birmingham UK. Jazzy B is one of the most prominent stars of Punjabi music in the 21st century, having proved with his credentials with a string of worldwide smash hit songs including Ghugian da Jorra , Dil Aah Gey Ya Tere Te , Londono Patola , Husna di Sarkar andmost recent the Gigantic anthem Naag what threw him into depths any artist would dream about and envy.

A natural Bhangra phenomenon the man plays wonders in front of camera’s as seen in his numerous lavish & groundbreaking videos not to mention appearances in the Blockbuster film Shaheed Udam Singh . he’s seen as a Bhangra style guru by thousands of fans worldwide including many in india who emulate his pop looks and likenesses. As you will see in his forthcoming project Kaun Nachdi this man can adapt to any style both on record musically or on screen visually. With massive support and interest from across the globe Jazzy B begins to take bhangra both traditional and progressive further and further beyond, even non punjabi speaking audi-ences are being encapsulated by Jazzy B’s musical sound & entourage. There is no stopping, no boundary, no limit.

Alongside great help a fantastic music from world class producers such as Sukshinder Shinda

Jazzy continues to unearth gem after gem for Bhangra fans worldwide. Take a step back observe, listen and enjoy the amazing world of Jazzy B……